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Food manufacturing company Fine Choice Foods Ltd. was fined $69,464. 36.

WorkSafeBC inspected Fine Choice Foods’ processing facility after a worker was seriously injured.

The incident occurred when the worker was adding scrap dough to an unguarded mixer, the worker was seriously injured after they were struck by the mixing blade.

Following its inspection, WorkSafeBC found that “it was standard practice for workers to add scrap dough into the unguarded mixer.”

WorkSafeBC determined that “The firm failed to ensure that machinery and equipment was fitted with adequate safeguards to prevent workers from accessing hazardous points of operation. This was a repeated and high-risk violation.”

Recently, Punjab Milk Foods was fined $97K by WorkSafeBC after a worker got their hand caught in the rotating piece of machine. 

In 2018, Sandel Foods was fined $34K for an incident in which a worker’s arm got ent

angled in a moving machine.In 2014, Maple Leaf Foods was fined $110,000 after a worker lost fingers in a chipping machine. 

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